Driving Hub 'Co-Pilot'  pedal and shifter adapter.

Driving Hub 'Co-Pilot' pedal and shifter adapter.

This wheel and pedal adapter will allow you to use your LOGITECH shifter with any other brand wheel base on the market, with ease. This adapter can transform your regular Logitech driving force shifter to a linear handbrake (with our handbrake mod), or turn into a sequential shifter, which has variable stiffness adjustability.
Adapter has a plug for Logitech pedals and a shifter, or can also be used with Thrustmaster pedals and a Logitech shifter.
Compatible models:
•Logitech G25 Shifter and Pedals 
•Logitech G27 Shifter and Pedals 
•Logitech G29 Pedals 
•Logitech  G920 Pedals 
•Logitech Driving force Shifter 
•Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedals 
•Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO 
•Thrustmaster T2PA 
*The driving force shifter pictured, does not come with purchase, but can be bought seperately.